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Note: This is a paper I wrote for graduate school. Levy, David M. Scrolling Forward: Making Sense of Documents in the Digital Age.New York: Arcade Publishing, 2001. Scrolling Forward: Making Sense of Documents in the Digital Age, by David M. Levy, is a general interest book focused on how contemporary people interact with the documents […]

I know, I know, long time, no post. Hush. I graduated college and got a grown-up-ish job, so I’ve been busy. Marisha Pessl’s novel was recommended to me by one of my housemates. The name drew me in. It’s such a strange, nonsensical title for a book about a girl at a private school. The […]

I recently read Highsmith’s novel The Price of Salt and I was blown away. Her prose is so simple, clear, and direct, but the things she writes about…. Oof; The Price of Salt is about lesbians in New York City in the 1940s, and The Animal-Lover’s Book of Beastly Murder is about animals getting revenge […]

I have to say, it’s the title (and cover image) of this book that made me buy it. Also, it was on the bargain shelf of the University book store. All that aside, this book really is great. First, Friedman is a fantastic writer. Although this book includes a lot of scientific information and jargon, […]

Louise Erdrich is an amazing writer. She somehow manages to tell the reader everything about a family, and yet leave the characters themselves sort of ephemeral. This book is an example of that. It’s beautiful. The Master Butchers Singing Club is about a man, Fidelis Waldvogel, who comes to the United States from Germany. He […]

You’ve probably seen this movie (one of them). Yeah, forget about that crap. Read the book. It’s only about 140 pages long and takes no time at all to read. And it’s creepy as hell. Joanna Eberhart is a photographer who moves to Stepford, Connecticut with her husband, Walter, so they can have a more […]

One of my professors last semester suggested this book. Since I loved the professor (Ken Jensen), I bought the book the next day. If you are even remotely interested in agriculture, botany, plants, eating, farming, et cetera, you have to read this book. I’ll admit, by the end of each chapter, I was ready for […]