The Mysterious Benedict Society, written by Trenton Lee Stewart, illustrated by Carson Ellis


Trenton Lee Stewart seems like the lovechild of J.K. Rowling and Lemony Snicket. However, he is not actually British, which was a surprise to me.

The story is difficult to explain without giving the plot away, but I’ll tell you this: the children who belong to the Mysterious Benedict Society are very lonely and alone. Mr. Benedict saves them from their fate by enlisting them to spy on his nemesis and (perhaps) save the world. The plot zips along, and even though the book is quite long (485 pages), it’s fast reading. Stewart is a funny, sensitive writer.

The illustrations at the beginning of each chapter were charming and fun. These drawings also contained clues as to the events of that chapter, which I liked.

This book could easily be recommended to 5th-10th graders who loved the Lemony Snicket books. The Mysterious Benedict Society has a much happier ending, and there’s even a sequel! Kids sure love series, and librarians love books that foster reading. Hooray for Trenton Lee Stewart! The riddle at the very end of the book still has me scratching my head, and that’s a good thing.

Link to The Mysterious Benedict Society on Amazon: hardcover edition.
Link to Wikipedia entry on Trenton Lee Stewart: he is also mysterious.
Link to Carson Ellis’s website: neato!


4 Responses to “The Mysterious Benedict Society, written by Trenton Lee Stewart, illustrated by Carson Ellis”

  1. 1 Marc

    This comes right in time for me to find a new book to read. Guess we have a winner!

  2. 2 painted lady

    Yay! There's a sequel that I haven't read yet, but it looks equally entertaining.

  3. 3 Anonymous

    I want not concur on it. I regard as nice post. Especially the title attracted me to review the whole story.

  4. 4 Anonymous

    Good fill someone in on and this enter helped me alot in my college assignement. Say thank you you on your information.

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