The Stepford Wives by Ira Levin


You’ve probably seen this movie (one of them). Yeah, forget about that crap. Read the book. It’s only about 140 pages long and takes no time at all to read. And it’s creepy as hell.

Joanna Eberhart is a photographer who moves to Stepford, Connecticut with her husband, Walter, so they can have a more relaxing life. That doesn’t happen. Joanna is an intelligent woman, a feminist, and the passive women of Stepford just don’t do it for her. They cook, they clean, they LOVE to clean, and they never seem interested in anything cerebral. And what’s more, the Men’s Association seems to be more than just a place for men to smoke cigars and drink brandy.

Walter gets more and more distant as he becomes involved in the Men’s Association; Joanna’s one friend, Bobbie, suddenly turns into a Stepford bimbo; and Joanna thinks she’s next. Is she?

I’m very sad that I didn’t read the book before I saw the movie. I had this preconceived notion of what was going to happen, and when it didn’t, I was confused. I don’t want to ruin anything for you, so I’ll just say this: the 2004 movie ties everything up nicely. The book does not. You will come away from this book thinking, “What?” and then over the next few days, you will get more and more creeped out.


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