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I think nearly everyone has read The Lion, The Witch, and The Wardrobe in elementary school. It’s a great story, but it’s even better if you read the whole series. My edition of The Chronicles is a hefty volume of all of the books and original artwork. I bought it for about $15 USD. It […]

You’ve probably seen this movie (one of them). Yeah, forget about that crap. Read the book. It’s only about 140 pages long and takes no time at all to read. And it’s creepy as hell. Joanna Eberhart is a photographer who moves to Stepford, Connecticut with her husband, Walter, so they can have a more […]

One of my professors last semester suggested this book. Since I loved the professor (Ken Jensen), I bought the book the next day. If you are even remotely interested in agriculture, botany, plants, eating, farming, et cetera, you have to read this book. I’ll admit, by the end of each chapter, I was ready for […]

I heard Zadie Smith speak about this book on NPR one day while I was taking a shower. She has a beautiful speaking voice, and here you can see that she is actually freaking gorgeous. Jerk. Anyway, the book sounded intriguing. It’s about an interracial couple (a white British man and his black American wife) […]