Revolutionary Road by Richard Yates


I usually don’t like books that are subtle, but I loved this book. I read it for my Post-War Suburban Sexuality in Lit class (I love the U of Iowa). It was perfect for that class.

Revolutionary Road was published in 1961, and it takes place in 1955. This book is about a couple, Frank and April Wheeler, and how their “perfect” life isn’t so great. It’s not heavy-hitting; I mean, very serious things happen in this book, but very serious things happen every day. Frank and April don’t really like each other, or really love each other (but that’s debatable). They tolerate each other, sometimes, but they mostly keep up appearances. Their two children are unwanted and sort of neglected, and for most of the book, I even forgot they had kids. That’s the point. Revolutionary Road isn’t clear-cut. When you get to the end, you will probably be confused and saddened, but you won’t be sure why. You also probably won’t understand why certain things happened.

I finished this book four days ago, but I’m still thinking about it and about what the ending means. Once you read it, I think you’ll need some time to mull things over. It’s that kind of book. It’s also pretty emotional, especially if you are going through relationship issues. Oh, you’ll cry. I almost promise it.


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