The Pirates! Series by Gideon Defoe


When I heard of these books (so far, The Pirates! In an Adventure with Scientists, The Pirates! In an Adventure with Ahab, and The Pirates! In an Adventure with Communists), I nearly peed myself. Books about pirates with exclamation points in the titles?? By a British guy named Gideon? Yes, please!
The Pirates! books are about 150 pages each, with sizable type. I finished all three in a day and a half of lazy reading. Defoe is a master of absurd humor (or humour) and crazy situations. The pirates are constantly getting into awful trouble and it is usually the Pirate Captain’s fault.
The Pirate Captain is known for his luxuriant beard and pleasant, open face, but not for his pirating skills. In fact, he is a rubbish pirate. This is what makes the Pirates! books so fantastic. They are light-hearted, hysterical, rousing, and exciting. And yet, they make no sense. Charles Darwin, Ahab from Moby Dick, and Karl Marx play supporting characters who bear no resemblance to their real-life (and fictional) counterparts (I hope). When I was finished with the third book, I wanted more. I wanted to dive into the crazy chapter titles, which have NOTHING to do with the content of the chapters. I’m even going to make the brownie recipe in …In an Adventure with Communists. I hope Defoe has more adventures, absurdity, and recipes in store.


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